PIL Solution

Do you have to respect specific agreements or union requirements when calculating hours of work? If so, this is the solution!

A complete, flexible and economical solution that adapts to all sectors of activity

Smart Time Clock

With the PIL Solution, your employees can punch in different workplaces from the mobile app or a computer. GPS location eliminates fraudulent records by pinpointing exactly where the employee punched.


The data is recorded in a complete database including hours worked, monitoring of ongoing projects and HR files. The Web environment allows administrators to validate and compile hours, generate reports per employee or project, and easily export them to different payroll and accounting systems.



  • Registration of entries and exits, as well as breaks and meals
  • Notes and justifications of the employee during offences (delay or absence)
  • Reminder of tasks or promotions in progress during registrations
  • Request for holidays and vacations within the application
  • Transfer of data to the majority of payroll and accounting packages
  • Automatic calculation of overtime and premiums
  • Complete history of all registrations by employee
  • Automatic registration of HR file data
  • Simple changes and adjustments to time sheets with supporting notes

Complex schedules

The PIL Solution allows managers to save time by facilitating the preparation of complex schedules. Prepare your schedules based on custom settings, or with the help of pre-existing templates. Avoid errors by viewing all the constraints, availability and leave requests of your employees on the same interface. The system even takes into account the seniority and skills of employees when proposing replacements. As soon as the schedules are ready, you can transfer them to your staff in real time directly on their mobiles.



  • Preparation of complex schedules from a flexible and intuitive tool
  • Taking into account all constraints and availability
  • Postponement of statutory holidays
  • Easy and fast changes to schedules
  • Pre-existing schedule templates within the application
  • Duplication of schedules
  • Calculation of related costs: wages, primiums and marginal benefits
  • Full or abbreviated schedule printing

Holidays and absences

With the PIL Solution, employees can make requests for vacations or absences directly on their cell phone through the mobile application. The software algorithm allows you to set minimum requirements for making a request; for example, a minimum period before the day of absence. Management can then approve and schedule these absences in its administrator interface. Patches may be made or notes added.



  • Simplified absence requests from the punch or a cell phone
  • Follow-up of requests within the application
  • Simplification of approval of applications
  • Confirmation of acceptance or refusal following a request

Human ressources

The PIL Solution simplifies human resource management for all sizes of enterprise. The employee’s file is automatically updated during time records, leave requests and late justifications. The PIL Solution allows you to keep organized all the documents relating to your employees: CV, employment contract, evaluations, payslips, employment history …


The Human Resources section is configured to meet the needs of your business. Nothing superfluous, nothing complicated.



  • Drafting and modification of employment contracts.
  • Simple forms that the employee can fill himself.
  • Creation of code of ethics and rules of life specific to the company.
  • Customization of notices: offense, suspension, dismissal …
  • Acceptance or refusal of staff requests.
  • Data exchange with advanced HR software.
  • Complete file meeting government standards.
  • Follow-up of employee attendance
  • And more!

Projects and work in progress

You can easily add tasks or change the execution order from the administrator interface. Thus, employees are guided in the performance of their tasks upon registration. This helps to avoid oversights and ensure good communication of information.

In addition to the analyzes available on current projects, a complete history of each project will be kept in an organized file.



  • Hours per customer, project, task …
  • Time recording in 2 ways:
    • in real time (with punch or cell phone)
    • from an electronic time sheet
  • Time sheets and expenses per employee
  • Notes and instructions related to a task
  • Planning of repetitive tasks
  • Automatic planning of annual maintenances
  • Manual or recurring billing, in whole or in part
  • Transfer billing data to different accounting software
  • And more!


The PIL Solution allows you to produce a schedule with the tasks to be performed, the amount of time per task and project, and the number of people needed to complete each phase of the mandate. The graphic section of the PIL Solution quickly informs you of the evolution of each project in progress.



  • Specifications for mandate or project
  • Creating new projects from templates
  • Planning the execution of mandates
  • Schedule production and task assignment per employee
  • Automating repeat mandates
  • Inputs of expenses
  • Compilation of productive and non-productive hours
  • Consultation of work in progress
  • And more!

Health / Beneficiary management

Thanks to the Beneficiary Management feature, you will be able to follow in real time the care provided to the beneficiary. You can easily add tasks or change the order of execution as needed. A complete history of the resident is available for various analyzes. In addition, your employee will be able to complete the mandatory schedules or forms, such as the incident / accident report. These are available for employees who work the next shift. It is even possible to bill beneficiaries from the software, and add additional services rendered.



  • Recording the time spent with a beneficiary for each service
  • Reports on care provided and medications given
  • Scheduling repetitive tasks at specific times
  • Notes and instructions related to a task
  • Transfer of billing to the majority of accounting software
  • Ability to record attendance times in 3 ways
  • In real time on a punch or cell phone.
  • From an electronic time sheet
  • Or in multitasking mode



  • Guide the employee in the execution of his tasks and avoid oversights
  • Allows management to follow the care given by employee
  • Compile the productive and non-productive times of the employee
  • Allows daily monitoring of the care provided to a beneficiary
  • Complete file of the resident (particularities, allergies …)
  • Produce the different forms and annexes
  • Keeps track of events by recipient
  • Pre-billing for approval before final billing
  • Manual or recurring billing, in whole or in part

Communications Center

The Communications Center allows managers to improve communication with their employees by staying in touch more easily. The PIL Solution allows employees to send requests or messages directly from the punch, with their mobile or over the web from any device. Management is able to respond quickly, send messages or notices to an employee, a group or all staff.



  • Requests and messages from employees to management
  • Formulation of employee notices or messages
  • Provide last-minute replacement hours for employees with the right skills
  • Direct contact between employees and managers

Mobile app

Follow the entries and exits of your employees in real time!


The PIL Solution application allows you to communicate effectively with your employees and monitor their work in real time. You can send schedules to employees directly on their cell phones so they have access to the latest schedule at all times.


The PIL Solution allows employees to punch from any workplace using the mobile app. When punching out of the office, you’ll be able to see where the employe is at with the GPS location.


At the time of registration, the employee can choose a project, a task, or send a note to management.



  • Transmission of schedules on mobile
  • Display date and time
  • Detection of the place of punching with geolocation
  • Select project, activity, or task
  • Possibility of snapshot when punching

GPS tracking

The mobile application of the PIL Solution allows you to use the latest technologies such as geolocation. When your employee punches outside the office, you are able to consult the exact spot from where he punched.

Links to accounting software

The PIL Solution is compatible with many payroll and accounting software so you can import and export data such as: hours worked and costs, human resources, payroll and accounting. Thus, you will not have to double the data entry in your different management software.


If we have no link to your payroll and accounting software, we will develop it for you free of charge, if the provider allows it.

Other documents

Different models of documents are included in the software, whether: Contract of employment, confidentiality agreement, notice of infraction, notice of suspension, notice of dismissal, etc …